The forced entry bullet resistant (FE/BR) market has grown significantly over the past 2 years as people are looking for higher levels of protection. The industry standard for FE/BR glass is a 15 minute rating. Our products offer a new industry leading 60 minute rating. Our windows have been tested to U.S. Department of State (DoS) SD-STD-01.01 rev G for forced-entry (FE) and ballistic resistance (BR). By incorporating proprietary self healing polymers, we have been able to increase the level of protection significantly without increasing thickness and weight. This offers a huge advantage to our clients as many of the other opaque forced entry products are already at 60 minutes.

We also have a qualified UL Level 8 / 15 minute forced entry window and door. TAS also has the ability to develop a product for any new or unique requirement that you may have.

TAS products are approved for embassies, control rooms, guard booths, police stations, detention centers and in any environment where added security is required.

Before the test:

During the test:

After 60 minutes, there was still NO penetration.