Gemini Armor™

Gemini Modular Armor                                                      

For use on HMMWV, MRAP, GMV and JLTV

Transparent Armor Solutions (TAS) has developed a Gemini A+B modular armor system that would use the existing A kit when upgrading to higher levels of threat.  By using the A kit in tandem with the B kit you get the following advantages:


    1. Do not have to discard A kit (lower upgrade costs)
    2. A kit and B kit are the same exact part (lower logistics burden)
    3. Allows for removal of armor for transportability requirements
    4. Damage to outer (B kit) can be repaired at half the cost (lower lifecycle costs)
    5. Can upgrade armor to new threats
    6. Modularity allow for easy maintenance of inner air gap
    7. A+B kit is still lighter weight than a single laminate equivalent

The system has been funded by TARDEC.  Testing included ballistic, vibration, and environmental testing.  The system is being demonstrated on a HMMWV door, but would be applicable to JLTV, MRAP, or GMV platform. For further information about this product and the outcome of the seal and test data, please contact us.

Today’s requirement for the use of lightweight tactical vehicles for both operational and combat support has made the demand for advanced technology in transparent armor greater than ever. Gemini Armor is a unique solution, which reduces the weight by 10-24% while adding on only a nominal amount to the overall cost.
By using an air gap technology, we are able to maintain the armor’s ballistic requirements, thickness and effectiveness while lowering the overall weight. Gemini Armor can also be manufactured using exotic materials such as borosilicate glass, glass-ceramic or transparent ceramic. Using those materials would decrease the weight even further, although the cost would increase.

Gemini Armor’s 2 panel approach is specifically designed for multi-hit protection. The 10-24% weight reduction is achieved by reducing through-thickness crack propagation.